Permanent Sleep Bookshop Opening

Just wanted to thank everyone who made our opening a huge success. The staff at Capital Espresso who made it possible and will be handling day to day sales for us. James for the thoughtful and practical territory and treaty acknowledgement. Don Pyle for providing the music and curating the mixtape which was available exclusively for the opening along with an embroidered Permanent Sleep shirt /23. Chris Colohan (and Bianca) for their friendship and for assisting us leading up to the opening, helping us stock the shelves and Chris' reading at the event. Kirby from Knife Fork Book for their encouragement and support, the donation of books, the flowers and a wonderful reading. Jen from Apiecalypse Now! Vegan Bakery for all the chocolate chip cookies. Dave from Better Read Than Dead for initially giving me the words of encouragement to make this idea a reality. Most of all Korrie for all the late nights helping me price books, take photos, work out the details and being incredibly supportive. And everyone who travelled from out of town or down the street, bought a book, came to show support or told someone about the space. The shop will be restocked on a weekly basis, so if you're in Parkdale go and grab a book and a coffee!