03/10/19 Kirby Moncton, NB. Attic Owl (reading)

05/10/19 Kirby Fredricton, NB. UNB 16th Annual Poetry Weekend (reading)

06/10/19 Kirby Fredricton, NB. UNB 16th Annual Poetry Weekend (reading)

07/10/19 Kirby Saint John, NB. UNB Lorenzo Society Reading Series (reading)

08/10/19 Halifax, NS. TBA (reading)

09/1019 Kirby Lunenberg, NS. Lexicon Books (reading)

22/01/20 Kirby w/ Dale Smith London, ON. Poetry London (reading)

The future is unwritten...


Permanent Sleep Bookshop Toronto, ON. Capital Espresso (storefront)


27.07.19 Perennial fields by Dan Darrah Toronto, ON. Permanent Sleep Bookshop/ Capital Espresso (exhibit/ release)

04.05.19 Kirby, Cody Caetano & Paul-Daniel Torres Toronto, ON. Knife | Fork | Book (reading/ release)

19.09.18 Joseph Sulier, Chris Colohan, Bee Traverse & Pearl Olsen Toronto, ON. Permanent Sleep Bookshop (reading/ exhibit) 

10.03.18 Don Pyle, Kirby & Chris Colohan Toronto, ON. Permanent Sleep Bookshop (reading/ event) 

19.08.17 Ligature feat. Spoiler Toronto, ON. Artscape (reading)

18.08.17 Ligature feat. Spoiler Montreal, QC. La Plante (reading)

13.05.17 Mil-Spec & Zeel Toronto, ON. Faith/ Void (event)

04.03.17 - What else we could be doing Toronto, ON. The Dance Cave (release) 

10.09.16 - Spoiler NYC, NY. Molasses Books (reading)

27.08.16 - Spoiler & Chris Colohan Toronto, ON. Faith/Void (reading)

14.08.16 - Spoiler Montreal, QC. Drawn & Quarterly (reading)

21.08.14 - Johanna Torell Toronto, ON. TBC Vegan Bakery (exhibit)

13.04.14 - Pop-up Shop Toronto, ON. TBC Vegan Bakery (event)

30.03.14 - I Remember Nothing (Chris Colohan & Matt Finner) Toronto, ON. The Shop (event)

17.02.14 - Chris Colohan & Joseph Sulier Toronto, ON. TBC Vegan Bakery (reading)

16.02.14 - Chris Colohan & Joseph Sulier Buffalo, NY. Black Dots (reading)

15.02.14 - Chris Colohan & Joseph Sulier Pittsburgh, PA. Roboto (reading)

14.02.14 - Chris Colohan & Joseph Sulier Baltimore, MD. Atomic Books (reading)

13.02.14 - Chris Colohan & Joseph Sulier Washington, DC. Smashed Records (reading)

12.02.14 - Chris Colohan & Joseph Sulier Philadelphia, PA. Elixir Cafe (reading)

11.02.14 - Chris Colohan & Joseph Sulier New York City, NY. Bluestockings (reading)

10.02.14 - Chris Colohan & Joseph Sulier Northampton, MA. HQ, Enlargement show (reading)

09.02.14 - Chris Colohan & Joseph Sulier Providence, RI. Silent Tangram (reading)

08.02.14 - Chris Colohan & Joseph Sulier Ottawa, ON. Wurm Gallery (reading)

07.02.14 - Chris Colohan & Joseph Sulier Toronto, ON. The Great Hall, Long Winter (reading)

24.01.14 - I Remember Nothing (Scott Wade & Wade MacNeil) Toronto, ON. The Shop (event)

02.09.13 - Chris Colohan Toronto, ON. The Great Hall, Long Winter (reading)

02.09.13 - Joseph Sulier Toronto, ON. The Great Hall, Long Winter (reading)

02.09.13 - Emma Kohlmann Toronto, ON. The Great hall, Long Winter (exhibit)

27.04.13 - S.M. Toronto, ON. Magpies taproom (performance)

26.04.13 - S.M. Montreal, QC. (performance)

06.07.12 - Way Bad / White Lung  Toronto, ON. Silver Dollar (release) 

05.07.12 - Way Bad / White Lung Ottawa, ON. Babylon (release)